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About Us


Precious Harbor Kidz Day Care is dedicated to creating safe and nurturing environments for all the children in our care. We strive to build strong partnerships with our parents to give their children a solid start in life and help prepare them for a successful day care experience. By working together, we can ensure that healthy, positive development is our focus and that your child’s happiness is our reward.

Our highly qualified caregivers do more than just babysit  your children, they truly bond with them in order to provide the same level of nurturing and love they enjoy at home. This connection, along with the open lines of communication between parents and staff, helps us reach our goal of building independence and high self-esteem in every single child who walks through our doors each day.

As a learning center, we are concerned not only with your child’s physical and cognitive growth, but also on their emotional well-being, their budding social skills and their character development. This all-inclusive approach helps us, you and even your child recognize and strengthen their individual talents and abilities.

Upcoming Events:
Summer Camp - June 26th-Aug 18th

Join us for our 8 week summer camp! Field Trips, learning & FUN!!!!!!

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