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Our Staff

Renee Marable-Watson

I am the owner and founder of Precious Harbor Kidz which has been in business since 2005 and we pride ourselves on providing great care, educational and developmental supports and mentoring for preschool and school age children during the school year and in the summer months.
Professionally, I was a former government employee for 15 years prior to opening up my childcare business. Also, I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and I am currently working on my master’s degree (MBA) in Business Administration.


Bachelor’s degree, Infant CPR/First Aid training

Conny Suriel is our director and has been a part of our team since 2020. She has been working with children for approximately 15 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education with a minor in Child Psychology. As a mother of two herself, she is loving, patient, welcoming and very nurturing. She has always had a passion to work alongside children and motivate them to be the best version of themselves. Conny has very good organization and communication skills and enjoys speaking with families to ensure they feel comfortable and heard. 


Bachelor’s degree, CDA, Infant CPR/First Aid training

Jada Singleton has been a part of our team since 2018. She has been working with children for about 10 years through different programs and internships. Jada helps to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to be themselves while also helping them learn and grow. She creates the curriculum for our children which accommodates each child’s academic level. Jada is currently working on her bachelor’s degree for early childhood education. She also has organized various extracurricular programs for the children to participate in such as art class and dance activities where she encourages the child to explore their talents. 
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